Adios Muchachos (English Edition) Versión Kindle de Daniel Chavarría

Adios Muchachos (English Edition) Versión Kindle

de Daniel Chavarria
Genero : Teoría Y Crítica Literaria En Inglés

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Born in Uruguay, Daniel Chavarría was for many years Professor of Latin, Greek, and Classical literature, devoting much of his time and energy to researching the origins and evolution of prostitution. He has won numerous literary awards around the world including the 1992 Dashiell Hammett Award and the 2002 Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Paperback Original for Adios Muchachos. --Este texto se refiere a una edición agotada o no disponible de este título.. Adios Muchachos by Daniel ChavarriaLeadtext: Wishing to make the most of their breasts, their ample buttocks, and their strong thighs, the hookers of Havana usually dress in a manner that might graciously be described as "minimal." This blatant exhibit of their wares sometimes has a certain naïve charm. Then again, sometimes it is depressing. And sometimes it makes you want to laugh. And at other times - rarely - it makes you want to sample. Alicia exhibited her gifts, too. Provocatively? Of course! All commercial promotion is essentially brazen, and this is especially true when the merchandise happens to be what is called a person's privates. But Alicia's exposure was only provocative when she rode her bicycle. On foot she was magnificent, beautiful, but never blatant. And that was thanks to a highly original technique that she had designed, with the help of her mother. When she went out cruising for foreigners, Alicia wore a pair of white shorts, slightly loose and reaching almost down to the middle of her thigh. This was the kind of attire women used to wear when they played tennis - completely decent, but in this case, it allowed Alicia to show off her nimble ankles and the dimples on the backs of her knees without raising the suspicion of being a pro. People did, of course, look at her... a lot! It was really almost impossible for most men to resist the temptation to stare. And as she passed, those twin alabaster orbs crowning her perfect thighs inevitably brought the guys on the corner to life with typically sordid exclamations of "Oh, baby, what I could do with you... !" Some people took her for a tourist. When Her Serene Sexuality alit on the sidewalks of Havana, she inspired some to say and do odd things, but most of them descended into a dreamy melancholy as they realized that they were condemned to go through life without ever experiencing a woman like that. Yes, she excited them all, but she never looked obscene. In fact, she looked like an athlete... an elegant athlete. Alicia had not hit the streets to make the quick buck that comes and goes like the wind, but to bag a rich foreigner who would make her his wife or his steady lover - a guy who would keep her in serious dollars that she could visit in a bank, preferably in Switzerland. Alicia was out to create a future for herself, and obscenity did not have any role in her script. Her shorts, however, were designed to make the most of her glorious glutei whenever she pedaled down the streets of Havana. All of Alicia's shorts had six strategic buttons, three on each side. She had sewn them on and made the buttonholes with infinite care, and when she rode her bicycle she would unbutton all six. The obvious pretext was that this gave her greater freedom of motion to work the pedals. Then she would fold the waistband over, tightening it up and lifting the hemline to reveal another two inches of her rounded thighs. Mounting the bicycle seat brought her liberated butt into action - swish, swish, one cheek up, the other cheek down, boom, bam - pressing on the shiny seat that was raised so high that merely pedaling made it swing and sway in a hallucination-inducing teeter-totter. And just to make certain that no one would mistake her for a hooker, she carried a gunnysack across her back with a long T-square and two rolled-up pieces of drawing paper protruding from the top. Engineer? Architect? Alicia was not a college student, but she had been one two years earlier. She had been enrolled in the School of Arts and Letters, majoring in French literature. Now she had a state permit to work as a freelance translator. In the neighborhood, she was believed to work on occasion as an interpreter. "I'd like to peek in on her interpretations," the old biddies would say. There was always someone who could smell something funny through even the best perfume, but Alicia never did anything that might put her in the spotlight of official revolutionary vigilance. --Este texto se refiere a una edición agotada o no disponible de este título.. ?Picaresque, bawdy and highly original, this is the first of Chavarr?a?s novels to be translated into English... Steamy suspense, comic upsets instead of the traditional red herrings, and wonderfully sketched characters make this a brutal romp full of guilty delights? Guardian ?A joy to read. Chavarr?a?s cocky wit makes this a thoroughly enjoyable, viciously funny romp... the story is fast-paced and sexier than J-Lo?s hotpants. Chavarr?a?s writing is delightfully immoral, wickedly funny and, what the hell, Cuba really does make a great setting? Leeds Guide ?A madcap caper full of twisted sex, devious schemes and high-rolling hijinks? Publishers Weekly --Este texto se refiere a una edición agotada o no disponible de este título.. This Edgar Award–winning crime novel offers “pulp fiction in Castro’s Cuba” (Martin Cruz Smith, author The Girl from Venice).   Alicia is a smart, confident, and gorgeous prostitute in Havana. She is not a streetwalker. Rather, she displays her wares on bicycle, seducing men through the irresistible pull of her fine derrière.   John King, her new client, is a Canadian businessman with a striking resemblance to movie star Alain Delon. This is no ordinary john, and as Alicia’s feelings for him grow, she sees in their relationship the possibility of escape from her dead-end life in a city plagued with scarcity. So when King’s wealthy and sexually deviant boss is suddenly killed, Alicia and John hatch a get-rich-quick scheme.   A web of deception is woven—but it will be quickly and disastrously unraveled, and only one person will be able to say adiós to the dilapidated island of Cuba . . .   “Fun, fast, and intelligent . . . A madcap caper full of twisted sex, devious schemes and high-rolling hijinks . . . Will leave readers clamoring for more.” —Publishers Weekly   “The book’s cynical take on ambition and greed is tempered by humor and humanity.”  —The New York Times   “Impossible to put down. This is a great read.” —Library Journal

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Claro ejemplo de la Novela río. Claro ejemplo de la Novela río. Al libro no le falta nada. El autor se toma su tiempo para describir todos los personajes. El final vale la pena
. Very pleased with my new book - excellent and prompt service! I can only wish that everything went as smoothly...
Adios Muchachos: A fun book to read. The action is set in Havana, Cuba in modern times. It is very light reading, entertaining and, for the most part, fast moving action. It is an amusing story with some unusual characters both Cuban and foreign. There is an interesting twist in the ending and The Epilogue is very good in finishing off the story.
Fun A wild romp of a story. Great characters doing bad things and enjoying themselves far more than they should. A nice distraction
If you are thinking about it, do it. I'm only 1/3 of the way through this but already I know that I'll be buying this for lots of friends. Simply outstanding. There are no great shakes here but as a book to simply amuse and enjoy it can't be beat. Adios Muchachos is so well writen that I have lost all desire to look for deep meaning. It's that rare book that can be simply enjoyed just for the craft that is displayed. Lots of laughs everywhere and quite informative if I'm ever looking for a hooker in Havana. ;-) I'm looking forward to trying something else from Daniel Chavarria and I feel very sorry for all the folks who gave this book only 1 or 2 stars. I suspect they were offended by some of the setting.
Excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed Daniel Chavarria's book. At first, I was turned off by the scene leading up to the big reveal with Victor, his "wife," and Alicia, but I could not put the book down. It was a page turner. I don't want to give the story away, but it was well written. It is a sexy, funny book.
Life has ups and downs Every moment a sucker is born, but who is the sucker OR the suckee. Getting a head in modern Havana is the premise of the book. Not a bad read and a good crime novel to boot.
Crooked plot, smooth translation I found this to be great fun. Twists and turns in the plot kept me turning pages but the characters and a very fluid translation are what make it a delight to read.
Five Stars Excellent for a History Course - Study of the Cuban Revolution...good book.
Four Stars How to survive Cuba and masculine mischief