Anna K (Inglés) Tapa blanda – 5 marzo 2020 de Jenny Lee

Anna K (Inglés) Tapa blanda – 5 marzo 2020

de Jenny Lee
Genero : Libros Sobre Citas E Intimidad Para Jóvenes

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Wickedly smart and scandalously fun. I couldn't put this one down -- Katharine McGee, author of American Royals. Jenny Lee is a television writer and producer who has worked on BET's Boomerang, IFC's Brockmire, Freeform's Young & Hungry, and the Disney Channel's number-one-rated kids' show, Shake It Up. Anna K. is her debut YA novel. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and 135-pound Newfoundland, Gemma. Instagram: @jennyleewrites. 'This entertaining debut relocates Anna Karenina to Manhattan's Upper East Side for the Tolstoy/Gossip Girl mash-up you never knew you needed.' I NewspaperWelcome to New York's Upper East Side: where privilege, partying and scandal rules.Anna K is the golden girl of New York high society. She's beautiful, she's kind, she's unbelievably rich, and she has the perfect boyfriend. Until she meets Alexi Vronsky. He's a notorious playboy, totally gorgeous, and he only has eyes for Anna. Despite everyone who matters in New York talking about her, Anna still just can't resist Vronsky. Even if it means her carefully crafted life could come crashing down. Perfect for fans of Crazy Rich Asians and Gossip Girl this is an addictive and subversive reimagining of Leo Tolstoy's timeless love story Anna Karenina. "A fresh and wickedly smart take on a classic story. Anna is even more scandalously fun now, in the age of stilettos and social media, than she was in 19th century Russia. I couldn't put this one down." Katharine McGee, New York Times bestselling author of American Royals

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Calidad Envío rápido, gran calidad de impresión y un libro muy entretenido.
Read the original first - but than read this one ! This modern day version of Tolstoy’s classic features a very diverse lineup and it is really interesting to contrast the characters to Tolstoy’s original lineup. At the heart of the story is the doomed love affair between Anna K. and Alexia Vronsky. This modern day retelling features a diverse cast of characters and multiple point of views (very much a character-driven story) and at the heart of it is the doomed love affair between Anna K. and Alexia Vronsky, but other characters Steven/Stiwa and Lolly/ Dolly get a bigger part than in the original as well. The story definitely lives up to the Crazy Rich Asians meets Gossip Girl pitch, immersing us in the lives of the elite, upper echelon of Manhattan. I did not appreciate the constant name dropping as far as brands go and felt the setting was overdone as far as the setting in time goes with references to the president, the Hamilton musical and Coachella etc. This story does not aim for being timeless, it is going to feel dated in just a couple of years. It was a lot heavier than I expected it to be, touching on big topics like class privilege, sexism, racial disparity, internalized racism and double standards. I also enjoyed the insight on Korean culture — traditional values vs modern. My favorite aspect of the book was the character development in not just Anna but also Kimmie, Dustin, Steven, Lolly etc. . An entertaining and fresh take on a timeless classic.
Crazy rich Asian meets gossip girl in a retelling of Anna karenina anna K book is retelling of anna karenina but with teens and high society of new York. The story is were well built up. And characters to are developed through out the story..