Bangkok Delusions (English Edition) Versión Kindle de Zach J Brodsky

Bangkok Delusions (English Edition) Versión Kindle

de Zach J Brodsky
Genero : Policíaca

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Scott Marshall was something of a cliché. Divorced and alone he headed to Bangkok in search of something, anything. Ting, shy and innocent caught his eye. She smiled at him. For the first time in his life Marshall left his inhibitions to one side and dived in to an exciting new life. But was the delectable Ting all that she seemed? On his journey he meets the affable but hopeless Bob Lowe; economically trapped in Thailand and addicted to the sex and booze so readily available on the streets of the Big Mango. With equal amounts of joy, despair and even at times hope Zach J Brodsky takes us on a tour of an array of absurd characters all milling around a small area of Bangkok. Laugh out loud humour interspersed with tragedy.

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Laugh out loud funny. Though I lived in Bangkok on and off for nearly seven years I never read a Bangkok Noir novel, despite the fact that the shelves of Asia Books and Books Kinokuniya are awash with such material. I recently thought I would set this right by reading Bangkok Delusions and I enjoyed it so much I feel compelled to recommend it to others! This book is a real gem and I would imagine parodies the genre perfectly. It’s rare for a book to make me snort out loud whilst reading but the shenanigans of Bob and co had me in stitches, much to the vexation of my fellow passengers on my train to work. Though it is mostly light in tone, as Brodsky delves deeper into the underbelly of Bangkok’s bar scene he exposes a dark dangerous world full of obsession, temptation and scheming and manipulating individuals ready to take advantage, morning and night, of the next poor sap who stumbles into their dollhouse. Heartily recommended!
Brilliant , light holiday-read full of fascinating characters - "Transports" you to Thailand! 10/10 The best books are the ones that "transport" you to the actual country/city/town/place in which they're set and Bangkok Delusions definitely does that - You can almost feel the humidity of the warm Bangkok climate and the cool air-conditioning inside the 5* "Lumpini" hotel it's so well written. If you love reading fast-moving (and very "fruity) but superbly-well written tales of intrigue then I can highly recommend this book - You'll get to know (and like, loathe and pity) the fascinating cast of characters from the hilarious Bob Lowe to his rather disagreeable "acquaintance" Alf Hayes to the conniving Pinky and her crew all of whose lives and stories Zach J Brodsky cleverly intertwines in a brilliant narrative. Really enjoyed reading this and I can't wait for the next book to come out to find out what happens with Bob Lowe and where life takes him....... 10/10 - Perfect "Holiday read" for the beach/by the pool.
Great job capturing some characters that make up Bangkok. Zach Brodsky has done well delivering Bangkok Delusions and an especially great job capturing some of the many characters that make up Bangkok. These people form the basis of an entertaining, engaging and enjoyable novel. Having once lived and worked in Bangkok for four years I recognise some familiar character types and even though they may seem far-fetched, I assure you they exist. I’m looking forward to his next novel.
Gripping insight into Bangkok life A real page turner, as an ex-resident of Bangkok I was astounded by how Brodsky is able to capture the variety of colourful characters in this metropolis. The story is a real page turner and I was pleasantly surprised by Brodsky's conclusions. A great book if you want a couple of days to immerse yourself in some entertaining stories that reflect some of the underbelly of Bangkok.
An insightful spotlight on an aspect of Thailand This book had me hooked from the start. The stories are carefully interwoven and leave you wanting to read on at the end of each chapter. Brodsky writes with an astute knowledge of people, with characteristics many readers will recognise in people from the shadier sides of life. Hilarious throughout, but with tinges of sadness. I can't wait for the next book from this new author.
A funny, shocking tale of Bangkok’s seedier side After living in Bangkok for 9 years, I have seen all of the characters that Brodsky so acutely describes many times, I recognized some colleagues in there as well! Brodsky’s tale is hilarious at the right times but also elicits shock and empathy at the descriptions of the treatment of Bangkok’s sex workers. A great read.
A fast paced tale of karma and retribution Brodsky takes us on a journey through Bangkok’s seedy underbelly exposing the casual exploitation of Thailand’s sex workers. A Tarantino-style revenge ensues complete with humour, violence and memorable characters.
Great holiday read Funny and accurate, a great holiday read
Good Good
A wonderful story set in Thailand. Hilarious and tragic at the same time. Set in the Infamous Soi 4 area in Bangkok, where you go to if you want to wet your beak and have a bit of horizontal recreation. This tale is so fantastic that it defies imagination. Can men be so foolish. How easy it is for women to make fools of men. Personally I find the Soi 4/Nana area to be really interesting and colourful place. After some reflection I guess it is possible that the sort of people profiled in this novel do really exist. This is a book worth reading. ***A couple of months later-I have changed my mind. This book deserves 5 stars. It is worthy of a second read. Makes me want to go and live in the vicinity of Soi 4 for a couple of months to live out my dreams. If you fancy yourself to be a drifter then the lifestyle depicted in this novel will appeal to you very much.