Become the Arrow (On Target Series) (Inglés) Tapa blanda – 1 septiembre 1994 de Byron Ferguson

Imprescindible Una obra imprescindible para los amantes del tiro intuitivo con arco tradicional. Sencillo y escrito de forma asequible. Un buen manual en el que podemos profundizar cada vez que lo leemos de mano de un maestro como B. Ferguson. Totalmente recomendable!
Leccion basica de arco tradicional Un gran autodidacta como Byron Ferguson, un autentico fenomeno igualable al mítico Howard Hill, no tiene inconveniente alguno en abrirnos su mundo y su experiencia en el arco tradicional (el lo llama arco desnudo). Desmenuza todos los aspectos desde la posicion del cuerpo, focalizacion de la mente, preparacion fisica y hasta aspectos constructivos del arco para enseñarnos como dominar la tecnica del arco tradicional.
Teachings of the Master I don't understand the couple of really negative reviews of this book. I can only put it down to some kind of personal prejudice against Mr Ferguson whether it be because he is a bow hunter or that he doesn't use sights, draw checks, release aids or the other gizmos that plague a lot of modern archery. Instead he teaches his method of shooting without those gadgets and he knows what he is talking about - just check out the videos of him shooting on Youtube. The title of the book refers to the technique of observing and internalising the trajectory of your shot arrow until you visualise it and it's strike on the mark before you shoot. It may seem bit mystical and `Zen' like but so what? It is really about developing an intuition within your senses as skilled martial artists do. The book may be too brief for some people's liking but he gives the basic guidance that you need to go out and practise. There are those who are always looking for a magic key in a book and spend more time reading dozens of them than they do actually shooting. There are no short cuts or crutches to shooting traditional barebow well, just years of practice.