Becoming a Student Midwife: The Survival Guide for Passionate Applicants - Second Edition (Inglés) Tapa blanda – 1 enero 2017 de Ellie Durant

Can't recommend enough for aspiring midwives! I can't recommend Ellie's book enough to aspiring midwives. As a mature student with a BA degree in Art and Design, and no science based A-Levels, I didn't think going into Midwifery would be a possibility for me. With the help of this book, I managed to secure an offer for my first choice (and only choice!) Uni to study MSc Midwifery on my first cycle of applying. Ellie's advice for personal statement writing and interview techniques (including group interviews, panel interviews and alternative selection activities) was invaluable, and her practice literacy and numeracy questions enabled me to prepare really well, to ensure I met the required standards set by the NMC. As someone who has always struggled with maths, this was an area I was particularly anxious about in the lead up to my interview, but with lots pf practice, using the tips in this book, I hugely increased my confidence and passed without a hitch! Good luck to anyone embarking on this journey - have confidence in yourself that you can do it! :)
The 'Bible' for all aspiring midwives! Praise for Ellie! What a fabulous and addictive formative read! I really don't know where to start on how to tell you why this book is so so great. I've now read it twice in the past 9 days, I just haven't been able to put it down and have been reading it at every available opportunity.... even whilst cooking dinner and bathing the little one. From the genuine tone of the writer (Ellie you're a star) to just feeling a connection that takes away the fear of applying of a possible rejection. Its got everything here that will help set me and you on the right path to a successful application. I've previously applied to midwifery, so this will be my second cycle. After reading the book and then rereading my previous personal statement, I do not blame the admissions tutors for a rejecting it. It was horrendous as I fell into the 'parent trap' and also didn't write about transferable skills in the way that they apply to midwifery. This has got to be my best book buy ever, I'm an avid reader so I have a lot....of books! My personal statement is now complete and sat waiting for UCAS to open, I believe it really does have everything in there that will hopefully make the admissions tutors look twice, fingers crossed! One more thing....BUY IT NOW...BUY IT NOW.....BUY IT won't regret it!
It was overall good. I found this book a major help, being 17 I had no hope that I would get into midwifery. I tried so hard to get work experience and finally landed working at a pregnancy crisis centre. Every time I said I wanted to do midwifery to someone they would always say 'aren't you too young' 'why on earth would u want to do that' and I also got shut down a lot by mature applicants telling me it was pot luck for midwifery and I probably wouldn't get in because I have no life experience. Midwifery isn't just for mature applicants like I initially thought. This book mainly helped me with my personal statement & it gave a perspective on how to answer interview questions as I had no clue. Anyways I ended up with 5/5 interviews and 2 offers so far on my first cycle (still waiting to hear back from some). I'm only giving 4 stars as In all honesty I think this book is brilliant for someone who completely has no clue what so ever and has been out of education for a long while as I skipped quite a lot of the sections and I didn't think it would be worth the price as I only read 2 chapters but the info I did read was excellent. Good luck to who's ever reading this in their journey.. you can do it!