Bram Stoker's "Dracula": the Film and the Legend (Pictorial Moviebook) (Inglés) Tapa blanda – 31 diciembre 1999 de Francis Ford Coppola

very informative This a good the-making-of book. It was intersting to learn about details of where ideas came from. For example, I had not noticed that the torch holders in Dracula's castle were shaped like arms, which was Coppola's tribute to an old Beauty & The Beast film. Good to get to read more about his vampire brides and of his castle. Actually, I had hoped there would be more about the castle, which I feel is the most important setting in film as well as in the novel.
A collector's edition Definitely a collector's edition...the entire screenplay of the movie...
Nice book One book was in excellent condition, the second one was slightly damaged but overall no complaints!
Das Script zum Film... ...als Bilderband mit einigen Behind-the-Scenes Bilder und Infos. Für jeden Fan ein Muss !
Five Stars Book is in very good condition.
Parfait 😊 Je recherchais le scénario du Dracula de Coppola dont je suis une inconditionnelle depuis des années.... Scénario en anglais, anecdotes intéressantes, très belles photos... Merci Amazon 😁
A horror movie book everyone should have I love Coppola's Dracula and this is a must for all of its fans
Five Stars The book came in perfect condition. Thanks!
Interesting. Very interesting book, tells you a lot about the film! The the script given in the book clearly wasn't the final one.
Very Happy! :)