Complete Masterworks (Inglés) Tapa blanda – Ilustrado, 1 mayo 2017 de Hajime Sorayama

Complete Masterworks (Inglés) Tapa blanda – Ilustrado, 1 mayo 2017

de Hajime Sorayama
Genero : Monografías De Artistas Individuales

Book's Cover of Complete Masterworks (Inglés) Tapa blanda – Ilustrado, 1 mayo 2017

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Hajime Sorayama is an illustrator known worldwide for his precisely detailed, erotic airbrush portrayals of women and feminine robots. He designed the female borg Romulan for the Star Trek series, provided art for Terminator 3, designed the first generation of Sony AIBO robotic pets, and was one of 25 Japanese artists to be commissed by Nike to create a tribute to the company's White Dunk. His art has been featured in Penthouse and Playboy, and is in the permanent collections of MOMA and the Smithsonian Institution.. Sorayama&;s erotic, futuristic, hyper-realistic illustrations create a visual landscape that would be impossible to achieve in photography alone. Only the masterful Sorayama, equipped with boundless imagination, is able to achieve this, using pencil and brush, acrylic paint, and airbrush. This thick tome is a reference catalogue to Sorayama&;s rich work including new illustrations. His Complete Masterworks speak of extraordinary talent, wondrous imagination, and impeccable skill.

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Five Stars More great stuff from a very talented artist.
Great book Superb
Maestro Sorayama Un maestro contemporaneo, Sorayama con il suo erotismo cybernetico ha inventato un immaginario che ha fatto scuola. Immergersi in questa raccolta di opere è cosa facile, sia per la grande capacità grafica che per la fantasia erotica e avveniristica dell'autore. Consigliato a chi ama il genere cyber, le belle donne e l'illustrazione.
A chunky book I've always been interested in Sorayama's art style, and been contemplating buying this book for awhile. finally took the plunge and bought the book, and I'm glad I did. At 462 pages, there are a lot of pictures that cover his career. it's amazing how detailed the pictures are, a testament to the man's skill. My only complaint/negative point is that I wish the book was a little bit bigger in page size, but that's a very minor point. i would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great art collection book. A warning though a lot of the pictures can be very sexual or extreme to some people, so if you're not into that, keep it in mind if you're getting this book.
beautiful book (explicit content) This book was a gift for someone. I worried after ordering it that the description made it sound much smaller than I expected, but this book is about standard harcover size and THICK full of pages. Very satisfied with the quality of book, but be warned, if you're not familiar with Sorayama's work, it is quite explicit.
Awesome book Great book for my collection of pin-up artist's. lots and lots pin-up's to see in this book of Sorayama.
Awesome! Amazing work!! Thank you
Awesome artist, great book. Awesome artist, great book.
Incredible style Sorayama might not have invented the "sexy robot" genre, but certainly made it his own. His photorealistic style brings gleaming metal to life at the same time that it honors classic "pin-up" imagery - something you have to see to believe. I've admired his work for many years, and was very happy to see this beautiful book at a modest price. It's not full "coffee table" size, but big enough that the hundreds of images here can be enjoyed fully. I had been familiar with Sorayama's sexy robots, and with some of his merging of gorgeous models with gorgeous metal. This showed me a wider range of his work, though. The range starts at cheerful pinups, progresses through scantier clothing and alluring poses, then heads on beyond clear erotica into areas with a darker edge. I can't help admire his visual technique, but don't appreciate the elaborate restraints he so seems to enjoy. Some images make me wonder whether a mad scientist and a master machinist started making adult toys, and had to tie down the alpha testers to see the gadgets work. Having seen so many gorgeous models displayed in distressing situations, I go back to his human/machine mergers and see a darker side I hadn't recognized before. As much as I like so much of his work, I really could do without the more fetish-y end of his range. -- wiredweird
Worth the buy! Amazing collection of one of the best hyper realistic artist!