Faith Of America (Inglés) Tapa dura – Ilustrado, 2 enero 1900 de Rockwell Norman

Faith Of America (Inglés) Tapa dura – Ilustrado, 2 enero 1900

de Rockwell Norman
Genero : Historia

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"There is no mistaking a Norman Rockwell painting. His knack for capturing honest folk in the nostalgic light of a simpler America made him one of the most beloved artists of his time, creating instant recognition for his popular illustrations. Some might scoff at the now long-faded idealism that informed his canvases, but for many Americans Rockwell's work has come to symbolize the heart and soul of a more sympathetic society, one free from the condescending sneer of cynicism. Fred Bauer, author of this well-researched and extensive collection is definitely one of the deceased painter's most informed and ardent champions. Included here are the pieces he believes represent the, "more inspirational illustrations, the ones that lifted spirits and filled doubting hearts with hope and faith." Accordingly, he groups them in chapters addressing specific types of faith, such as the kind found in loved ones, traditions, country, etc., and Bauer's text offers much more than simple description. He takes us on a journey to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Rockwell's immortalized home town, where he meets with the painter's widow, searches out former models, and chats up the local folks who knew Rockwell not as a maker of lasting icons, but as a friend and neighbor. With careful attention and thoughtful insight he has created a kind of written portrait that offers a level of understanding and appreciation for the artist that can only add to the enjoyment shared by Rockwell's countless admirers." Fred Bauer wrote more than a dozen books and worked widely in communications.. This tribute to America's best-known, best-loved illustrator takes the reader on an inspiring journey through Norman Rockwell's vision of America, one that is still relevant today. The author Fred Bauer visited Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and Arlington, Vermont, talking to the people who lived with Rockwell and posed for his pictures, about whom the artist said, "If you are interested in the characters you draw and understand them and love them, why, the people who see your pictures are bound to feel the same." Represented here are more than one hundred Rockwell works, including iconic Saturday Evening Post covers, such as Saying Grace, Breaking Home Ties, and The Golden Rule; World War II images, such as the Willie Gillis series; portraits of Eisenhower, Kennedy, and the Statue of Liberty; and depictions of American holidays, family traditions, and worship. With Bauer's sympathetic text and Rockwell's unforgettable images, the book o ers a picture of American hope and humanity, and of Rockwell's optimistic faith in the nation and its people.

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a lovely reminder of the museum We visited the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge MA - a lovely, interesting place in pleasant parkland. I saw this book in the shop, but thought it too heavy to travel with our suitcases already overloaded. So I was pleasantly surprised to find it available on Amazon. So pleased to have this reminder of our visit, with its many illustrations and also details about Rockwell's life and work.
Insight into a true genius. Excellent book. Norman Rockwell was a true genius of his genre. There are not many people who can hold a torch to his style of painting and the people on the page are indeed real. He captures that whole essence of a by-gone America that we here in great Britain can only marvel at. Just need to save the money now to go to see his work! This book is the next best thing....
Five Stars A beautiful book f my favourite illustrator!
Superbe livre Livre magnifique sur ce peintre incroyable. A avoir absolument si vous êtes fan de ce peintre. Petit bémol : quelques peintures ont des couleurs modifiées un peu pâle du à l’impression
Plus vrai que reel Pour voir les détails de ses peintures plus que realistes
So interesting It's my first book on Norman Rockwell and I must say that I could not have hoped for something better! The pictures are very beautiful, the colours are nice and the text is amazing. You learn so much from Rockwell without having the impression of reading a biography. The author had managed to make it amusing and serious at the same time.
THIS is the Norman Rockwell we remember! There are many choices of Norman Rockwell’s works. After studying reviews, I decided THIS book has the most well-loved paintings that I can happily share with grandkids & friends! Beautiful pictures with explanations accompanying! Really appreciate Norman Rockwell’s values captured for life❤️
Worth the funds to have in your library or as a gift. One of the Best Gifts you can give a friend or visitor from a different country. Our Chinese friends love to sit with us and have us explain the meaning of Faith, Family and Friends in the United States of America.
Beautiful book This is a fabulous book Norman Rockwell paintings. I use it as a coffee table book. My mom came over to my house, was flipping through it and liked it so much I actually ended up giving it to her. She's thrilled!
Hours of enjoyment Wow! This book is great. There is so much information along with the photos you can enjoy this book alone or it is also the perfect book to sit and look at with family. It's great to leave out on the coffee table as a conversation starter