Find The Spy (English Edition) Versión Kindle de Zoë Armstrong, Shelly Laslo

Find The Spy (English Edition) Versión Kindle

de Shelly Laslo
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Zoë Armstrong grew up in Oxford and Paris, trained as a journalist and has now turned her pen to writing children's books. She writes intriguing and inspiring non-fiction for young readers, and can usually be found writing at her laptop in a café somewhere in Brighton, where she lives with her young daughter. Shelly is an illustrator based in ever-sunny Israel, where she happily juggles art and young motherhood. Shelly has recently begun her journey as a children's book illustrator, and she thinks there is no smell lovelier than the inside of a new book. --Este texto se refiere a una edición agotada o no disponible de este título.. Psst! Calling all super-cunning spies. Yes, I mean YOU.Can you find the real-life spies hidden throughout this book? Uncover the true stories of eight fascinating spies: one who crawled across the rooftops of Paris, one who hid secrets in her wooden leg, and even the grandma-next-door who turned out to have been a spy . . .Along the way you'll learn top-secret spy skills such as the art of disguise, coding secret messages and writing in invisible ink.With spotting scenes, incredible real-life stories and devious spy skills to learn, this book will keep all budding secret agents busy. Published in partnership with the experts at the Imperial War Museums.

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A wonderful book! What a delightful book! I bought this as a gift for a child. From the first page I was drawn in to the fascinating stories about real life spies like Violette Szabo and Juan Pujol Garcìa, portrayed in such a well-written, fun and light-hearted style that it’s easy to forget it’s also educational and informative. This is so much more than just a book; aside from the true spy stories there are activities that encourage participation, making it ideal for both young and old – look for the different spies hidden in the wonderful illustrations, learn about the art of cryptography and invisible writing, and get some useful pointers on spy skills. It’s the perfect gift, but even more so now - with all of us spending time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic - there is never a better time to buy this book. With its widespread appeal, this will definitely eliminate any boredom and may even create a new influx of little super-sleuths everywhere! Highly recommended.
So much to enjoy and learn! This book is a great stimulus for family fun! Its cover has an immediate visual appeal and just gets better as you explore its fascinating subject matter and stimulating activities. Children of all ages will be able to learn about fascinating characters from the past and enjoy many different related activities. My 11 year old granddaughter and I each have our own copy as we live 250 miles apart. On day one, we have learned to communicate in code via social media so we can keep each other's secrets! And that is just the beginning! There is so much more to learn and do! This book definitely has intergenerational appeal: it's great for sharing.
Wonderfully different... Original, unusual, beautifully illustrated, interactive, informative and lots of fun, too - Armstrong and Laslo have packed so much into this little book! I love the 'find the spy' pages and the 'things to spot' as you work through the intricate drawings (and the 'things to do' are a real winner with kids, too!) but, more than anything, it's the real-life tales of bravery and ingenuity that are fascinating. Brilliant all round!
Can’t recommend highly enough ! I liked the book because it was about spies and it was really funny. My favourite part was when Juan Garcia tricked the Nazis and won a medal for Britain and Germany. The Nazis still don’t know ! He also made the Nazis go 100miles off target. (Oliver, aged 10yrs) This book was about spies undercover, that’s why I really liked it, and because of the facts. We have been making codes (Sienna, aged 8yrs)
A great book for homeschooling! This book came just at the right time, wanted to teach my son about WW2 and it was a great introduction to the subject!. He loved reading all the spy stories and found them both fun and informative. A great book for primary school children of all ages.
A wonderful, original and engaging book. It is hard to link 'Find The Spy' to a narrow age range and it will appeal to different children (and adults too) for different reasons. As well as being beautifully illustrated and telling some great stories, presenting 8 different spies in their diverse guises and contexts, the interactive spying activities for readers which crop up throughout the book are fun and engaging. Beneath this attractive and original book, lies some careful research on the part of the author and the illustrator. This is a great addition to our library!
Fun and intriguing! I love this book! The illustrations are top-notch and the true-life history the story reveals is both informative and fascinating. Kids are sure to love the "search for the hidden spy" games and extra fun activities, too! I would have devoured this book over and over as a kid. My nieces and nephews adore it!
Pssst! This is a fabulous book!! A great book full of facts and information about famous and less known spies. The illustrations are also engaging, with lots of things to spot and discuss. I love the activities and spy skills activities too. Definitely a book to read and re-read!
Well worth a look Great book for children ...and adults too Definitely has a place on our children's bookshelf