Interesting: My Autobiography (English Edition) Versión Kindle de Steve Davis

Interesting: My Autobiography (English Edition) Versión Kindle

de Steve Davis
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Steve Davis has won more professional titles in the sport than any other player, including a huge total of 28 ranking events and 53 non-ranking. He was the No.1 player in the eighties, and his most significant wins include six world championships and three Masters. In 1988, Steve was made an MBE and was named BBC Sports Personality of the Year, and in 2001 he was awarded an OBE. He also picked up his ironic nickname ‘Interesting’ and a puppet from the satirical series Spitting Image. Remaining a household name, he has appeared on a number of popular British TV shows, including I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! in 2013. Steve continues to play snooker, and in 2013 he won the world seniors championship. Still very close with Barry Hearn, he is a world ambassador for the sport. He is also an established analyst and commentates for the BBC’s snooker coverage. A man of many interests, Steve is a former president of the British Chess Federation and a keen amateur chess player, as well as a regular broadcaster with Phoenix FM. --Este texto se refiere a una edición agotada o no disponible de este título.. Steve Davis was just a rookie from Plumstead, south London, learning how to play from an old book his snooker-obsessed father had given him, when an encounter with Barry Hearn changed his life forever. With his backing, Steve began touring the country in a clapped-out car as an amateur. Challenging established professionals and winning titles, supported by his loyal following the Romford Roar, it wasn’t long before he progressed to the world’s stage.By the eighties, Steve had helped transform a previously shady sport into a national obsession. He and a cast of legends such as Ray Reardon, Dennis Taylor and Alex Higgins, with other young guns like Jimmy White, were doing silent battle in front of huge audiences. Tens of millions of viewers would witness the nail-biting conclusions of his world championship finals; this was snooker’s golden era.The man behind the ‘boring’ tag has always been the sport’s smartest and sharpest man. With his cool, obsessive approach, Steve rewrote the rule book and became untouchably the best player in the world and the best paid sportsman in the country. Interesting lays it all bare: what it was like to win in those pressure-cooker situations; how to cope at the top, when everyone wants you to lose; and how you deal with the moment when a man comes along who is finally better than you. This is a memoir that closely evokes the smoke-filled atmosphere of those arenas, the intrigue behind the scenes and the personal psychology and sacrifice that is required to stay at the top of such an exacting sport.

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Snooker's finest mind. Steve Davis was dubbed "snooker's finest mind" by that sport's ultimate authority, the encyclopediac Clive Everton. To which it might be added that on this evidence Lance Hardy may be one of sport's most talented ghost-writers. The ingenious rendering of Steve's voice by Lance provides excellent company in this thoroughly entertaining and dryly humorous biography. Okay there are no juicy revelations that chronicle the personal challenges and mistakes that every human being encounters in life. If you seek 'cuemen behaving badly' then White and Higgins ghost-stories are abundantly available. No, this book details a quite extraordinary life of dedication by the eternally enthusiastic potter. Snooker's big three are characterised by their differing obsessions. The greatest of them all, Hendry was obsessed by WINNING above all else, snooker happened to be the means of doing so. Eventually human error and anno domini frustrated this temporarily sustainable ambition. A sad face was the lasting result. O'Sullivan was always chasing absolute technical PERFECTION; his inevitable, human, fallibility accounts for his perpetual disappointment. A sometimes successful but ultimately unhappy player.Steve Davis, however, has been driven to pursue the longest of all professional snooker careers by an obsessive and undiminished FASCINATION for what the balls actually do with each other when steered around a 12 by 6, baized slate by a stick-wielding human. In this Steve has always been able to succeed: he can always visit his beloved game , hit the cueball and watch what happens. That's why Steve smiles more than the other two. The flavour of humour on offer here is distinctly out of fashion. Too many forms of modern laughter seem to be triggered by a base, arch, cynical, cruel and demeaning form of words. Here the smiles are stimulated by a droll and life-affirming commentary of the things that have happened to Steve ' on the way to the Crucible'. But there are serious passages too. This is not a 'no regrets'..... 'I did it my way' kind of blind insistence that the writer was always validated. As a responsible representative of snooker Steve goes to some lengths to apologise for his brief involvement with Thatcherite politics in 1983. Sprinkled through the book are perceptive and polite pen-portraits of all of the game's leading characters of the last 45 years. If you want to know all the sport's political perambulations see the afore-mentioned Clive Everton library. We are treated here to the sound of two highly intelligent men presented in a prose style which is very easy to read. Lance Hardy a thoughtful and talented sports writer. Steve Davis a brilliant thinker and a very nice man.
Well worth a read Really enjoyed this book and been a snooker lover and the same age as Steve I can remember a lot of the things he writes about. A great ambassador for the game and also the book is written with humour and compassion for a game he has dedicated his life to. Loved it.
Playing the game This is a good read. Steve Davis talks in very great detail about the game of snooker during his many years of success almost on a frame by frame basis.

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Interesting: My Autobiography

Interesting: My Autobiography

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