Power (Buryoku Book 1) (English Edition) Versión Kindle de Aaron Oster

Power (Buryoku Book 1) (English Edition) Versión Kindle

de Aaron Oster
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In a world of titans, where Martial Artists reign supreme, Roy is wholly unremarkable. Without the power to channel the Essence of the world, he is weak and defenseless. Adopted into the Shah clan after his parents' deaths, he is forced to do menial labor day after day, all while enduring the ridicule and physical abuse of his supposed family.Weakness is punishable by death in Buryoku and in the Shah clan, there is no one weaker than Roy. But even the weak can rise up, when pushed to the brink…

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Lesenswert und Unterhaltsam Die Buryoku Reihe von Aaron Oster erinnert mich vom Aufbau ein wenig an Cradle von Will Wight, wenn auch etwas weniger durchdacht und rund. Die Charaktere sind, meiner Ansicht nach, noch etwas platt, aber mit dem 3. Buch verbessert sich auch das. Die Geschichte ist, wie im Titel erwähnt, unterhaltsam und ich kann sie empfehlen. Ich werde mir das 4. Buch holen.
I loved this book! I loved this book!
Enjoyable I see there are some 1 star reviews...well I believe they are wrong. This isn't the Foundation series, but it's a damn good read. Standard Xanxia, MC starts off as a zero and through fortunate circumstances gains power. Thing is, most of this genre is downright painful to read. Horrible translations, bad plot lines, etc. I, for one, am glad to see good writers doing Xanxia. The story is good enough that I will stay with the series. If you think it sucks that bad, write your own damn book. I have neither the time nor the talent myself (and I doubt you do either).
Awesome cultivation story! So we got another good book from the author of supermage! Starting Roy a boy whos 'crippled' and can't cultivate i can't say much about this story but if you loved supermage your gonna love this. It starts out nice and simple, 'cultivates' (no pun intended) the mc reason for wanting to get strong and how he goes about that and theres a little bit of 'dungeon core' elements that makes the dynamic a little different need book 2 now!
Good series start I'm a fan of the authors other works, and even though I don't usually like cultivation genre, I have it a try and enjoyed it. Unlike most cultivation there seemed to be a point besides being a battery and the book conveyed more details of the effects and handling of the resource. The story is good and engaging but obviously leaves plenty of future actions by the MC. I look tired to more of this series.
Amazing First Book I really like the concept of this book! I like that the MC in this book doesn't go from zero to hero instantly and it's a slow build. I also like the way the author uses martial arts as the foundation for leveling up. I am eager to read the next book in this series.
Solid story from a solid author From beginning to end this book has been captivating and wonderful to read. The MCs driving factors are believable and the Magic system is amazing. Can't wait for the next one. MORE PLEASE!!
Starts slow but ends with a bang I really enjoyed this, I thought that addition of Power/Weakness as area's of cultivation was interesting, and the belt system made the levels easy to understand. Koya was a little too over the top evil, and Lynn was introduced but ended up being a bit of a do nothing character. Hopefully she features a little more in the next one? Overall, this was an enjoyable read and a solid cultivation novel. I can't wait for the next one!
Please release more Thank you for giving us a great novel to read keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to seeing more novels written by you.
Fantasic story I really enjoyed this one, looking forward to the second. The editing isn't perfect and there are some VERY small patches of awkward language and incorrect or missing words, but iverall this was a great read and well worth your time if you're a fan of cultivation novels.