Quitters Never Win (Inglés) Tapa dura – 25 julio 2019 de Michael Bisping, Anthony Evans

Quitters Never Win (Inglés) Tapa dura – 25 julio 2019

de Michael Bisping
Genero : Deportes De Combate Y Defensa Personal

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Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping was raised in Lancashire, descended from Polish nobility on his father’s side. He began training martial arts at the age of eight. After briefly quitting training at the age of 18, he took up boxing, kickboxing and MMA, making his professional debut in in 2004 and becoming Cage Rage light heavyweight champion within just three matches. In 2008 he made his middleweight debut in the UFC, and became UFC Middleweight Champion and the first (and only) British UFC champion in 2016. Since retiring in 2018, Michael has remained a powerful and passionate voice in the UFC community and also hosts a popular UFC podcast named after his catchphrase, Believe You Me. He lives in California with his wife and three children. Some people are born to be a certain thing.And I was a born fighter.At the age of eight, Michael Bisping began his training in martial arts. By the time he was 15, he was fighting in his first no holds barred competition. When he turned professional and joined the UFC he was sure about one thing: only a world championship title would do. A British underdog in the greatest fighting championship on earth, he spent the next decade winning some of the championship’s most sensational contests to achieve his dream, becoming the first ever British UFC world champion in 2016.From his boyhood years learning to fight in the gyms of Lancashire to his most shocking clashes in the cage, in Quitters Never Win Bisping tells the raw and unfiltered story behind his legendary career for the first time, including his greatest wins, his fiercest rivals and the harrowing injury that forced him into retirement. As audacious, entertaining and as candid as the man himself, it’s a backstage pass to one of the world’s most extreme sports and an unbridled account of what it really takes to become a champion, from sleeping in his own car to reaching the summit of the world’s fastest growing sport.

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A true legend I will admit it I am a huge Michael Bisping fan, who had been following his career from the time he was just a UFC prospect right to the end. I am so happy with what he achieved and earned the respect her deserved. Michael would probably hate me saying this but his life is like a real life Rocky story. The book is amazing. I did not want to put it down at all. Michael honest about his past, mistakes and learning experiences as well. The fights are like a show of adrenaline. Reading through them as a blow by blow account made me feel I was right there. This is what I love about autobiographies, when it comes to fight especially, you only get the emotions the person of what the person is feeling at that moment from the person who was there. It is a testament to the writing the it was translated so well on paper. Also I can his post fight career as a fight analyst in describing the fights, training, and his real life as well. One of the things that I relived through this book is I know exactly how hard it was too get training at this time period. People did not know about strength and conditioning, except people at the elite level of trainers and in this country even many of them were just scratching the surface. So a new sport like MMA was probobly while having the Scarlet Letters on you. I grew up being told I was not a real athlete (despite destroying everyone i knew on strength and conditioning exercises), as I was no good at football or cricket. It was not till I found martial arts (kickboxing specifically), that I myself (first) and people changed their opinion. To this day the lessions I learned in Martial arts are still paying dividends in every aspect of my life. The book is amazingly detailed, cheekily funny. Dispite living in America the last few years Michael definitely has not lost his British sense of humour. It is a thank you to the people he helped him achieve is dream from fans, friends and of course family. However the biggest factor is hardwork. Michael took his opportunities but it was his hard work that made them and him a success. Another important from the book is knowing when to walk away. This is especially hard for fighters. There is is Martial arts quote sixtimes down seven times up. Michael is the epitome of this just look at his UFC career. As stated he holds the record of being knocked down in six fight only to come back to win them. The book also show the difference of Michael Bisping the character (promoting and selling fight), and the real person. More or less the same person, just one is slightly more exaggerated and animated. The mark of a great autobiography is if I feel I am a bigger fan of the writer after I have finished it that is definitely the case here. Awsome book.
Not I to MAA but loved it Read this in one day .excellent insight to the world of mixed martial arts , Bisping is a true warrior and an inspiration to those that need correcting on the right path.
What a bloke Being an avid Bisping fan and long time fan of all things mma, I have read many books on the sport, most recently alex Gustaffsons, and despite knowing most of michaels stories from his podcasts etc this book is so brilliantly written and insightful, I couldnt put it down, i usually pick a book up read for a bit and pick back up on a later date, not this one, I flew through it. Its funny, uplifting and relatable (i suffer with a similar eye problem as him and got rejected by the army because of it) I strongly recommend this book to all. These kind of athletes are a rare breed.