The War Outside (English Edition) Versión Kindle de Monica Hesse

The War Outside (English Edition) Versión Kindle

de Monica Hesse
Genero : Novelas Históricas Sobre El Holocausto Para Jóvenes

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* "...superb....A satisfying and bittersweet novel, perfect for those who enjoyed Markus Zusak's The Book Thief."--SLJ, starred review * "...a moving book that successfully describes an unjust aspect of U.S. History"--Publishers Weekly, starred review * " extraordinary novel of injustice and xenophobia based on real history."--Booklist, starred review Praise for The War Outside A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2018A 2019 YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults PickA 2018 BCCB Bulletin Blue Ribbon TitleA 2019 Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People "Once again, Monica Hesse delivers an incredibly compelling and beautifully researched novel. The War Outside vividly brings readers into an underrepresented and dark period of American history. A must-read for fans of historical fiction."--Ruta Sepetys, #1 New York Times bestselling author "Monica Hesse takes a setting we think we understand and shifts it in an important way...a tightly plotted exploration of the consequences of fear."--The New York Times Book Review "Monica Hesse's The War Outside pierces the heart with its exceptional story of family, friends and country...Riveting and meticulously researched, this story reverberates with authentic voices as it explores adolescent growth under dreadful circumstances."--BookPage * "Teens and adults interested in WWII books, especially situations that haven't been written about extensively, will want to experience this story."--SLC, starred review "timely...[Hesse] again uses a well-researched historical backdrop to tell a powerful coming-of-age story."--The Washington Post "Hesse's books are like time machines-vehicles that help us explore our past."--Mashable "I did not expect this book to knock me off my feet with its lyrical brilliance, vivid storyline, and heart wrenching ending. Let's just say, if all historical fiction was like this book, it'd be my most-read genre." --Book Riot --Este texto se refiere a la edición audioCD.. Monica Hesse is the bestselling author of Girl in the Blue Coat and American Fire, as well as a journalist with The Washington Post. She lives outside Washington, D.C. with her husband and their dog. --Este texto se refiere a la edición audioCD.. New from Monica Hesse, the bestselling and award-winning author of Girl in the Blue Coat--an "important" (New York Times Book Review), "extraordinary" (Booklist, starred review) novel of conviction, friendship, and betrayal "A must-read for fans of historical fiction." --Ruta Sepetys, #1 New York Times bestselling author It's 1944, and World War II is raging across Europe and the Pacific. The war seemed far away from Margot in Iowa and Haruko in Colorado--until they were uprooted to dusty Texas, all because of the places their parents once called home: Germany and Japan. Haruko and Margot meet at the high school in Crystal City, a "family internment camp" for those accused of colluding with the enemy. The teens discover that they are polar opposites in so many ways, except for one that seems to override all the others: the camp is changing them, day by day and piece by piece. Haruko finds herself consumed by fear for her soldier brother and distrust of her father, who she knows is keeping something from her. And Margot is doing everything she can to keep her family whole as her mother's health deteriorates and her rational, patriotic father becomes a man who distrusts America and fraternizes with Nazis. With everything around them falling apart, Margot and Haruko find solace in their growing, secret friendship. But in a prison the government has deemed full of spies, can they trust anyone--even each other?

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An engrossing story of a little known World War II Camp THE WAR OUTSIDE by Monica Hesse Texas was the site of Crystal City – an internment camp for “Enemy Aliens” during World War II. Crystal City was for those people of German, Japanese or Italian ancestry that the government believed might be spies. Haruku and Margot both accompanied fathers who were suspects. They lived on opposite sides of the camp but became friends – sort of. This story gives a glimpse into the reality of their lives and that of the others interned at Crystal City. They were American teenagers, but because someone in their family was suspect, they had been uprooted and sent to a hot, dusty, ill equipped prison. They were enemies to each other and to their country. Hesse writes clearly of young people confused and conflicted and does it extremely well. Margot and Haruku live and breathe. They become friends - and enemies. They trust each other - and break that trust. We learn of their families – their love, their politics, their fears, their coping – and their NOT coping. Engrossing, terrifying, moving, sweet and bittersweet – all these and more. Ultimately a story of betrayal and forgiveness, THE WAR OUTSIDE is thought provoking and well worth reading. 5 of 5 stars
Why Were There Interment Camps Here? While I was working after college I craved learning and I took a class on Asian Immigration to United States and my professor had been one of the Japanese internment camps in California. One of the students challenged as to why it was important! We were all shocked. She told of being a girl scout and she thought she was 100% American. Neighbors were burying their china in the backyard and all of her family was taken to the Santa Anita stables to await reassignment. Also of what it was like to have guards standing around and knowing that you could not leave. Years later, I moved to Texas and was looking for a historical fiction CD to listen to and I found this one. I did not know that there was a camp in Crystal City, Texas. All the time that I was listening, I was comparing this to the ones in California camps. Later I found a lot of information about the Crystal City Camp and it rang true for this story. I liked how author did show the level of suspicion rampant in the general population. Her research emphasized that at the end of the book and when you think about the total story, that is an underlying theme among the prisoners, the two girls, the guards and outside the camp. It is subtle but easy to find. It reminds me of what my mother said. People at his work called him a "commie" because he was not service during WWII. In fact, he tried to sign up but was told that he more valuable to the country at home! Please think about suspicion when reading or listening to this book. The love story is interesting between Margot and Haruko because the two girls did not express it openly even to each other. The times must be considered. There has been much change since then. Wanting to have an apartment together was and their dreams of it was the dearest part of the book for me. I reminded me of two sweet women that I knew as a child. I knew that they loved each other very much but that was in the 1950's. But even they were effect and endangered by suspicion . I love the story. The only jarring thing for me was one the speakers on the audio had a definite "Valley girl" way of talking. It took me away for the story at times.
Excellent Historical Fiction I loved this book. I read it in one sitting and the ending left me wanting more from Margot and Haruko's stories. This is a new perspective in WWII historical fiction, and I really enjoyed reading about the perspectives of German and Japanese families in an internment camp.
So Enlightening ! This story of two teenagers caught up in the very questionable incarceration in U.S. internment camps of German, Italian & Japanese . Their stories of personal and family relationships is quite gripping.
I loved this book great book!
Quick delivery from seller! GREAT BOOK!!!!!!
A beautiful book about friendship. A wonderful book about friendship and a fictional view about American history we like to sweep under the rug.
Book was in great shape! Really good book!
Good read Fast reading, keeps your interest, good storyline
A war within a war. “The War Outside” is set in one of the internment camps set up in the United States during WWII for certain American citizens from Japan and Germany. The story takes place at an internment camp in a Texas town called Crystal City. (There were many such camps by the way; one was in a backwater town called Minidoka, near my own hometown in southern Idaho.) The book, though fiction, adheres strongly to historical fact. It is an excellent read, but what makes it particularly poignant is that it was written well before families were ripped apart at our border with Mexico. If I had read the book before our current humanitarian crisis took place, it would have been eye-opening enough. But reading it after the very recent internment of over 2300 South American children forcefully separated from their parents at the border, this story breaks my heart in new places, places that won't heal in the present system of things. The book was hard to read, knowing for myself now that this type of injustice can occur anywhere anytime to those who have no recourse. There are two separated groups within the internment camp in Crystal City, Texas. One is comprised of Japanese Americans, the other, much smaller, of German Americans. Each community keeps to itself, but two teenagers cross the invisible line to form a close bond of friendship. They are Margot and Haruko. The story is told alternately from the point of view of each girl. We know from the beginning that something dreadful happens along the way that causes an insurmountable breach between these friends. In the German camp, there is a Nazi loyalist faction. As Margot sees her father resist the pressure to join, she becomes more and more afraid that out of his despair and isolation he will succumb. There is a single project underway that both camps will freely enjoy access to, a large public swimming pool. When at last the pool is finished, both camps have a formal celebration together. But this moment of camaraderie is ominously interrupted by a parade made up of the Nazi breakaway group from the German side. The public swimming pool is a great success though, with both German and Japanese children enjoying relief from the Texas heat and an opportunity to become better acquainted. Then a tragedy occurs at the pool that separates the two camps more emphatically than before, and outright enmity develops, with devastating consequences. The close bond between Margot and Haruko is destroyed. Categorized as YA historical fiction, “The War Outside" is an important read for adults as well as for teenagers. It pierces deeply into the centers of love and betrayal, self-doubt and forgiveness. The denouement of this heart-rending story is most unexpected, simultaneously hopeful and filled with despair. Monica Hesse has done her homework in writing this account. Although it is fiction, she composes her work as closely as possible to reflect real people, places and events. The Note on Historical Accuracy at the end of the book is well worth reading.