With Clough, By Taylor (English Edition) Versión Kindle de Peter Taylor

With Clough, By Taylor (English Edition) Versión Kindle

de Peter Taylor
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With Clough by Taylor is the anatomy of a partnership, brilliantly capturing the period in which it was formed and quickly flourished. Above all, this compelling story, full of insight, wit and revealing anecdotes, is wonderfully written. --Duncan Hamilton --Este texto se refiere a la edición paperback.. Peter Taylor, with Brian Clough, won seven major cups in eleven years at two unfashionable clubs, Derby County and Nottingham Forest, turning them into winners against all odds. Taylor was also a manager in his right, coaching Burton Albion, Brighton and Hove Albion and, later, Derby County. He died suddenly of pulmonary fibrosis while on holiday in Majorca in 1990. --Este texto se refiere a la edición paperback.. Brian Clough famously remarked, ‘I’m not equipped to manage successfully without Peter Taylor. I am the shop window and he is the goods in the back.’Often outrageous and always compelling, Peter Taylor and Brian Clough’s partnership shook the very foundations of the footballing world. They took two peripheral clubs – Derby County and Nottingham Forest – from the sleepy backwaters of East Midlands football to international renown. The first to pay £1 million for a player and the first to win two European Cups and two League Cups in successive seasons, their journey was a whirlwind of trophies, record-breaking transfers, bust-ups and sackings.In a first-hand account told with immense candour, Taylor reveals the highs and lows of their relationship, and details the events that led to their unprecedented success.Originally published in 1980 and available now for the first time in forty years, With Clough, By Taylor is the definitive account of the partnership that revolutionised English football and the trade of the football manager.

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A unique perspective on a legendary duo. This is an interesting book covering the entire history of their friendship and partnership from Cloughie's trial match at Middlesbrough, to the European cup win . Its their joint history. Its covers all the key moments including the early days at hartlepool when taylor took a huge pay cut to join brian as his assistant; the move to Derby; the resignations and the possible return in 1977; etc etc. There are bits in the book which might have riled Brian but ultimately it is an honest and affectionate portrait of Cloughie from a time before the legendary and terminal split. The massive influence of harry storer - Derby's former manager - on them both is interesting to re-discover. Apparently Clough could have been signed by Derby as a player. Taylor tipped off Harry Storer about this amazing new unknown striker, but Storer was inhibited by a lack of available funds. There are some great snippets. For example, when taylor was managing Burton, apparently out of the blue Cloughie phoned. "I hadn't heard from Brian in four years until he telephoned my home and came straight to the point....."i've been offered the managership of hartlepools and i don't fancy it. But if you come i'll consider it". Then he banged the phone down". One comment i was particularly pleased to read concerned Derby goalkeeper Les Green who missed out on the title win, and never really got the recognition he deserved. Taylor states " i took him (les) to hartlepools in 1965 and then signed him for Derby from Rochdale for £7000. He never missed a game for two years and during that time - and i speak as an ex-keeper - he was the best goalkeeper in the world". Praise indeed and a nice epitaph for the players family to savour. RIP Les Green. nice one Pete.
A great read For those of us old enough to remember Clough & Taylor it was great to rekindle some of those great games and moments. Also a great insight into how these two great football men thought and went around their business
Interesting Read This is about how football used to be. When I was in my early twenties Forest were winning the European Cup. The relationship between Peter Taylor and Brian Clough is fascinating to me how they achieved so much with smaller clubs, Derby and Forest as they were and as they are now. Good foreword written by one of the children of the co managers about how they (the children still meet). The tragedy of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor is that after they fell out they never spoke to each other again. Some say it was over this book, some say it was over a transfer of John Robertson. I don't know, maybe the whole truth will come out some day.
Fantastic. Beautiful book written about an era when football wasn’t all about money. What a team Taylor and Clough were. Very interesting to hear Taylor’s thoughts about their time together, players, the England set-up and football in general. Such a shame him and Clough fell out. Five stars!
Enjoyable I enjoyed reading this. It’s a typically blunt and forthright view of Taylor’s relationship with Clough and their shared philosophy of how the game should be played and how management should be. Reading it in 2020 was interesting too.... the financial side of the game has changed a bit since this was written!
Great choice I've bought quite a few books from World of Books. Always able to find what I'm looking for, however obscure and old. This was one my dad asked for! Great service, prompt delivery, great value, very happy, thank you.
Superb portrait of a relationship This book is nearly forty years old. It does not feel in the least dated. It is a wonderful, intelligent inside story of the greatest management duo in the history of English football. An absolute classic which I recall reading when it first came out in 1982. Curiously, it helped finish their partnership. Taylor did not tell Clough he was writing it and he felt affronted by its publication. That was a rare misjudgement by the great man. The love for him shines through.
Enjoyable read I have read lots of books about Brian, I found this enjoyable to see how important Peter Taylor was to him. This man was a genious in spotting great players.
Present..well liked apparently Part of my youth...… good read, given as a present !
A great book I think this book is fabulous Clough and Taylor was a fantastic team and I loved every chapter in the book.